3 ideas for this weekend in Manchester (01 – 03 March, 2013)


Planning a trip to Manchester this weekend? Need some inspiration? Here’s our top 3 ideas for what to get up to, plus some great bonus suggestions from our social media friends.

  • Any thirsty or foodie folk should head to the Wigan Food & Drink Festival which kicked off yesterday and runs until 10th March. Highlights this weekend include The 26th Wigan CAMRA Beer Festival along with a special Victorian-style Sunday Lunch event at the Ashfield House Hotel.
  • Those seeking less Downton Abbey-chic more modern day culture should pay a visit to the Tattoo Tea Party at Event City. The event showcases the very best art UK tattoo artists have to offer and also includes entrainment in the form of the Tattoo Olympics, Burlesque performances and live tattooing by the cream of the tattooing crop.
  • Saturday is your last chance to catch a glimpse of first UK solo exhibition from up-and-coming Beijing-based artist Ma Qiusha at The Chinese Arts Centre. Mainly working with video and painting the artist examines the sensitivity of everyday objects, as she restages them in unfamiliar environments to tell stories or express emotion.

Here’s what our Twitter followers suggest:

  • ‏@strictlywheels: Come raise funds for wheelchair dance at #zumbathon in Wythenshawehttp://www.strictlywheelchairdancing.co.uk/zumbathon/
  • ‏@NewMcrwalks: Ideas? Our 2 Jewish Mcr walks on Sunday. Marx, Maxwell, Rothschild, Weizmann, God. Full details @ http://www.newmanchesterwalks.com
  • ‏@catsstuart: Walk round Chorlton reservoir & then lunch at nice cafe in Chorlton (Chorlton Cafe do great apple pie & cups of tea)
  • ‏@boyinfashionUK: For the complete random factor, and as its the gem of all hidden gems…This & That on Soap St in NQ. It’s ace… 🙂
  • @ItsMeRoryYT: If you’re a big shopper visit the Arndale. Takes up a day and also has your places to eat. Well worth the visit if you’re new
  • ‏@revealmcr: Guided tour ‘Valette’s Manchester’, the city as painted by a French Impressionist Sun 3 March 1pm meet Town Hall steps Alb Sq £7
  • ‏@Paper_Gallery_: @Paper_Gallery_ this Saturday see beautiful animals & fragile memories at Lucy May Schofield & Leanne Richardson’s exhibition #4
  • @dollys_dreams: Mcr Arts and Crafts centre. A gem in the NQ that also has a great little cafe selling delicious cakes. Yum 🙂
  • ‏@executive_vpa: Take a trip down to @SalfordStadium tonight to watch @SalfordCityReds and their new exciting team #salfordreds
  • @Nozzer64: Visit Platt Fields park and try Bmx’ing
  • @CastlefieldGall: Check out the brand new show with Hayley Newman & Emily Speed at @CastlefieldGall part of @WonderWomenMcr http://www.castlefieldgallery.co.uk/

And here’s what our Facebook friends recommend:


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